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Save the Flexible Way

Explore what Money Market Accounts have to offer.

Save the Flexible Way

Exploring different account options can be overwhelming. Trying to determine the best fit for your financial lifestyle is a critical decision for future planning. A Premiere Investment Account, also called a Money Market Account (MMA), can be a valuable tool to help you earn interest on your funds while still having access to your money.

An MMA acts like a savings account, but comes with a few checking account benefits as well. The account offers higher interest rates and allows six debits per statement cycle. With an MMA, you have a flexible way to save.

MMAs fall under Regulation D (Reg. D) stipulations. This allows you to withdrawal funds six times per statement cycle. However, if this amount is consistently exceeded, the bank is required to change your account to a checking account or close it all together. At NebraskaLand National Bank, we offer the first three debits for free and do not require a minimum balance.

Permissible Transactions (not counted)

  • Auto transfers for loan payments
  • Transfers or withdrawals made by mail, messenger, ATM or in person to another account
  • Withdrawals initiated by telephone and consummated by a check in the mail


Transactions (counted as part of the six)


  • Telephone transfers
  • Online Banking transfer
  • Debit Card Point of Sale (POS) purchase
  • Checks to third parties
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) debits
  • Sweeps (debits to cover an overdraft or low balance in another acct)
  • Online Bill Pay

When evaluating if an MMA is the best choice for you, keep in mind the following benefits:


  • No minimum balance
  • No service charge if you have three or fewer transactions per statement cycle
  • Earns interest monthly
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Funds easily accessed by writing checks

For more information on MMAs or to find out how to open your new account, contact one of our Personal Bankers today!

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