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Meet the Expert Agriculture Lenders at NebraskaLand Bank

Meet the Expert Agriculture Lenders at NebraskaLand Bank

Agriculture serves as a fundamental cornerstone of our communities. At NebraskaLand Bank our Ag Lenders understand the unique challenges and opportunities that farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness owners face daily. We take pride in our team of experienced Ag Lenders who are deeply passionate about fostering the growth and sustainability of agriculture in rural communities. We're shining a spotlight on our skilled lenders, their backgrounds, and how they bring valuable expertise to our clients.

Connor Smith – Planting Seeds of Innovation in Ag Lending

Connor Smith, Agricultural & Business Banking Officer, may have had a nontraditional start in agriculture, but his passion runs deep. His commitment to the agricultural industry was cemented when he joined his wife's family farm post-college, thus firmly launching his career in agribusiness. Contributing almost a decade of lending expertise to NebraskaLand Bank, Connor's focus on innovative finance solutions has made significant strides for our agricultural clients.

JD Race – Cultivating Ag Success from Field to Finance

With sixteen years of lending under his belt, JD Race, Senior Vice President of Agricultural & Business Banking, channels his lifelong engagement with agriculture into specialized banking solutions. Growing up on a family farm, JD's hands-on experience with cattle operations and row-crop farming transcends into a deep understanding of the agricultural sector. Since joining us in 2016, JD has been a driving force for agricultural advancement. In 2023, he relocated from Kearney to North Platte and has continued to offer loans tailored to the unique needs of agribusiness.

Hans Julius – Two Decades of Nurturing Ag Finance

Senior Vice President Hans Julius knows the Sandhills of Nebraska as only someone who has lived and breathed its rural lifestyle can. His comprehensive background in business administration, marketing, and management—complemented by specialized banking education—equips him with 20 years of insight into agricultural finance. Since becoming part of our Bank in 2006, Hans's unwavering dedication has been instrumental in establishing our position as a trusted Bank for the agricultural community.

Mike Jacobson – From Farm Roots to Financial Frontrunner

Mike Jacobson, President and CEO of NebraskaLand Bank, laid the foundation of our institution back in 1998 with his vision of providing robust financial services to our community.  From his beginnings on a family farm to spearheading a bank with assets of $940 million, Mike is the embodiment of ag-driven determination. His leadership, rooted in a genuine understanding of farming life, assures our commitment to empowering the agricultural economy remains strong.

At NebraskaLand Bank, we recognize the unique financial needs of those who work tirelessly to feed our nation. Our team of Ag lending specialists, with their diverse backgrounds in ranching, farming, and agribusiness, delivers personalized service coupled with reliable, comprehensive loan options. Whether it's for livestock, crop production, or commercial real estate, our Ag Lenders are equipped to offer tailored solutions that contribute to the success of our clients' operations.

We invite agricultural business owners, farmers, and members of rural communities to explore our rural finance solutions and discover how our expertise can help realize their business goals. With specialized agricultural business loans and a commitment to serving the agricultural industry, we’re here to support the land that sustains us all.

If you're interested in learning more about our Ag Lending services—or if you're ready to take the next step in growing your agricultural endeavor—visit our lending page or connect with one of our Ag Lenders today. Their wealth of experience in agriculture, paired with a range of financial solutions, guarantees that your farming or ranching enterprise doesn't just survive — it flourishes.

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