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protect your business from fraud


Take control over your accounts with Business Account Alerts. Using this powerful tool, you can stay up-to-date not only on changes in your balances, but also easily monitor suspicious activity - all while having peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what’s happening when it happens. Notifications are delivered quickly and conveniently via text*, email, or directly to your Business Online Banking message center. And the best part? It’s absolutely free for our customers!

Business Alerts

Positive Pay

Are you a business owner looking for a secure and fast method of protecting your company from the potential threats of check or ACH fraud? Look no further than Positive Pay. This powerful solution is designed to help businesses of all sizes prevent fraudulent payments — no matter the type of industry or size.


Business Sweep Accounts

Introducing the Business Sweep Account—the smart, efficient, and secure way to maximize your profits. With no extra effort or time commitment from you, this account allows you to use your checking funds for daily activity, then transfers any excess funds into a Premier Money Market Account so you can receive the full benefit of the earned interest it provides. Plus, if checking activity causes a shortage in your account balance, then your line of credit will automatically advance to cover those transactions so you don't have to worry about missing payments or bounced checks.

With an automated system that determines when it's more beneficial for you to keep your money in an interest-bearing account and when it should be used for transactions in the present—you'll be maximizing every penny without any extra effort on your part.

Night Drop/Safe Keeping

We offer night drop/safe keeping services to our business customers who prefer secure overnight vault storage of large amounts of cash. Our business night drop locations include:

  • North Platte (Main Bank) at 1400 South Dewey St.
  • North Platte (Downtown Branch) at 121 North Dewey St.
  • North Platte (Westfield Branch) at 1801 West A St.
  • North Platte (North Branch) at 1020 North Jeffers St.
  • Kearney at 4615 2nd Avenue
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