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Who We Are

NebraskaLand National Bank is a locally owned bank that is committed to serving our customers with high quality personalized service at a competitive price. We are dedicated to our customers and our community. That's why you'll find our bank and our staff helping others wherever you look throughout the community.

When you deposit funds in our bank, you start a chain reaction. We offer competitive deposit rates that are among the highest in the region, invest in local businesses, and return a portion of our earnings back into the communities we serve in the form of sponsorships, grants and gifts. We have always believed that "community" means that we all do our part to make the place we live one that we can be proud of.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and thank you for your ongoing support.

Michael B. Jacobson
President & CEO

Our History

Founded on May 14th, 1998 by three dedicated employees and a group of local shareholders, NebraskaLand National Bank began with the mission, "To serve our communities with high quality personalized service at a competitive price." That mission statement remains the same today.

Progress & Changes

1998 - First Location


NebraskaLand National Bank opened their doors in a small storefront in downtown North Platte.

2001 - Downtown Branch


The Bank moved their Main Office location, but remained in Downtown North Platte in a refurbished two story half block building at 121 North Dewey.

2003 - Fourth Location


The Bank opened its fourth location, the North Branch in the North Side BP Amoco Convenience Store.

2006 - Commerce Bank of Wyoming


An affiliate Bank, Commerce Bank of Wyoming was started in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

2009 - New Commerce Bank of Wyoming


The two Banks merged and NebraskaLand National Bank branched in Commerce Bank of Wyoming located at 1575 Dewar Drive Suite 100.

2010 - Largest Bank Lincoln County


NebraskaLand National Bank became the largest bank based on the FDIC's Annual Summary of Deposits for Lincoln County, Nebraska.

2011 - North Branch


The Bank expanded our presence in Original Town with a new North Branch.

2012 - Breaking Ground in North Platte


The Bank began construction on a new Main Bank Facility located at 1400 South Dewey in North Platte, Nebraska.

2013 - New North Platte Building


NebraskaLand National Bank opened a full service branch in Kearney, Nebraska located at 46th Street and 2nd Avenue. On December 16, 2013, the Bank opened the new Main Bank Location at 1400 South Dewey in North Platte.

2014 - Westfield Branch


NebraskaLand National Bank opened a full service branch in the Westfield Shopping Center in June in North Platte, Nebraska.

2015 - Kearney Branch


NebraskaLand National Bank moved to a new branch location in Kearney, Nebraska located at 4615 2nd Avenue.

Our People

We always say it's our people that make us special… and it's true! Our team of professionals are experienced, passionate and ready to serve you! Our people work hard to make a difference in our community and in the lives of those we serve. It's just their nature and our culture.

Join Our Team

Our strong team of professionals is dedicated to serving the community with high quality personalized service. If you are searching for an exciting and challenging career, we would love to hear from you!

What People Say

Our commitment to our customers and our local communities is what drives us each and every day. We sincerely thank you for your kind words, your business and your continued support!

Local People. Local Decisions. Local Ownership.
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