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Exceeding Expectations

How our NebraskaLand Bank employees are making a difference with their commitment to community.

At NebraskaLand Bank, we take great pride in our commitment to the community. Through donations, sponsorships, and volunteerism, we actively engage in making a positive impact. By prioritizing our communities’ well-being, we recognize that its success is intertwined with our own.

We are incredibly proud to have an exceptional team of employees who continuously surpass expectations in all aspects of their work, including community service and volunteerism. Our NebraskaLand Bank employees are not only tellers and executives; they are true community champions, dedicating their time, skills, and unwavering passion to causes that create a real and tangible difference in the lives of the people in our community.

We would like to take a moment to recognize and celebrate those employees who go above and beyond by volunteering to make a difference in our community. This is our way of shining a spotlight on their remarkable efforts.

Kris Pearson: A Heart for Animals in Need | Amy Wolfskill: Building Bridges through Outreach | Chantel Burch: Lights, Camera, Action for Local Theater 

Kris Pearson: A Heart for Animals in Need

Working behind the scenes with careful attention to detail and unyielding dedication, Kris Pearson Loan Processor has been a vital part of the NebraskaLand Bank team for five years.

Kris discovered her passion for the banking world during her college years, an interest that has taken her from Chadron to Cheyenne and now North Platte, where she is a valued member of our team here at NebraskaLand Bank. Kris's dedication to her family is remarkable, having been married for 30 years and together with her husband for 37 years. Her nurturing spirit not only encompasses her two adult children but also extends to the wider community.

Volunteering Journey

Kris's heart led her to FUR Animal Rescue after watching the organization grow. She decided to roll up her sleeves three years ago and become actively involved with rescue after her oldest child adopted a cat from the organization. Kris is not just a volunteer but also a trusted board member, dedicating her time to the compassionate care of animals.

FUR Animal Rescue's mission is one close to Kris's heart. It focuses on rehoming, fostering, and providing crucial veterinary care for pets in adverse circumstances, particularly when they struggle within a shelter environment. Kris is deeply involved in ensuring these animals get the love and warm care they deserve, which includes her regular evening shift where she feeds, medicates, and provides affection to the cats, readying them for their forever homes.

The Joy of Giving Back

For Kris, the most profound moments come from nurturing frightened, withdrawn cats into affectionate companions who eagerly look forward to life in a loving home. While some stories tug at the heartstrings more than others, she finds immense fulfillment in knowing that even the briefest moments of her care significantly impact these animals' lives. Her advice to anyone considering volunteering? Be prepared for tough cases, but know that the joy of making a difference overshadows the challenges.

The Ripple Effect

Her dedication contributes to a broader goal; because of volunteers like Kris and the tireless work of FUR Animal Rescue, North Platte's animal shelter proudly operates as a no-kill shelter. Their collective efforts ensure more animals find homes, receive necessary medical treatments, and lead better lives, thanks to the kindness of the community.

Amy Wolfskill: Building Bridges through Outreach

Senior Vice President Business and Retail Banking Manager, Amy Wolfskill’s passion for volunteer service is truly heartwarming. With over two decades of experience in the banking industry, Amy's commitment extends far beyond her professional role. It intertwines with the very fabric of her personal life, radiating a profound positivity that touches the lives of many.

A Lifelong Commitment to Service

For Amy, the journey into community volunteerism began early, with middle school engagements at Community Connection Lincoln County. Fast forward to today, not only is she the Treasurer for the organization, but she is passionate for their mission of working to create positive change and enhance the quality of life for children and families in Lincoln County. The deep connection with this cause stems from her youth, not just as a service project, but as a lifelong passion.

Amy's volunteerism doesn’t end there. She's also a passionate member of the Hershey Public School Board of Education, a platform that empowers her to contribute directly to the educational growth and experience of the children in her community. Her role as a school board member enables her to play an active part in pivotal decisions, including the successful passing of a school bond that set the stage for crucial infrastructure improvements and expansion.

What Drives Amy to Serve

This commitment to service has always been a story of family for Amy. Witnessing her father's steadfast dedication to community service has left a lasting impact, shaping her personal beliefs. Her experience in the banking industry is reinforced by similar values of integrity and a long-term view. It is this combination of professional wisdom and a generous spirit that has allowed Amy to lead the kind of life where every action, every decision, resonates with the common desire to give back.

A Testimony to Community Impact

The ripple effect of Amy's volunteer work can be seen not only in the improved infrastructure of the Hershey Public School building but also in the numerous stories of the families touched by Community Connection Lincoln County. Small actions, like the monthly prescription drug take-back collections and local fundraising events, have led to tangible impacts, fostering a sense of security and community pride.

Amy Wolfskill’s story serves as a glowing testament to the power of service in transforming lives. Her tireless efforts continue to inspire others to answer the call to volunteer, to dedicate time and resources to uplift their communities, and to bring resilience and hope to those who need it most.

Chantel Burch: Lights, Camera, Action for Local Theater

Chantel Burch at the fox theater seats in the background, nameplate reading Chantel Burch Marketing Coordinator

Chantel, Marketing Coordinator at NebraskaLand Bank, is a pillar in community theatre in North Platte. Despite her demanding role as Marketing Coordinator, she's no stranger to the spotlight of the North Platte Community Playhouse, where she has not only performed on stage but also finds herself helping with other needs such as painting & building sets or helping find costumes and props. For Chantel, it's not about the applause but the deeper, lasting connections she's forged with her neighbors through the arts.

The Spark of Inspiration

Once just a wide-eyed spectator, Chantel is now one of the vibrant stars lighting up the North Platte Community Playhouse. Chantel's journey with the Playhouse began as a child when a field trip to see a performance sparked her love for the arts. Fast forward to today, and Chantel is one of the vibrant stars bringing that same sense of wonder she felt back then to the next generation of young audience members.

Connecting through the Art

While balancing her work at NebraskaLand Bank with her theatrical performances, Chantel's involvement at the North Platte Community Playhouse truly shines. She doesn't just bring characters to life – she also helps enrich the lives of young audience members, encouraging them to explore the magic of theater. After a role in Clue, where she played "Mrs. White," she found herself stopped in the local grocery store by a child eager to know if she had really dabbled in a bit of crime as they saw in the play. The joy she finds in inspiring the next generation of performers is what makes the long nights and hard work all worthwhile.

Spreading the Magic

Her advice for potential volunteers echoes her own journey: "Find something you're passionate about and willing to work for," she encourages. "When you're fueled by love for what you do, the rest falls into place."

Chantel embodies NebraskaLand Bank's core attitude of investing in the betterment of the community. Her ability to captivate audiences and her unwavering dedication to the arts remind us to measure success by the impact we make every day. We are honored to have such a radiant star within our ranks, illuminating our culture with her boundless talent and community spirit.

A Commitment to Community

NebraskaLand Bank employees exemplify the vibrancy of community engagement, showing that the essence of a good company isn't just about profit but about the positive impact it cultivates in the communities it serves. NebraskaLand Bank employees’ volunteer work is a testament to the fact that individuals and institutions, when united in purpose, can accomplish incredible feats.

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