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North Platte Guitarist, Jack Bunger

North Platte Guitarist, Jack Bunger

On today’s episode, North Platte guitar prodigy, Jack Bunger joins us in the studio. Jack is a senior at North Platte High School and one of our students in the NebraskaLand University Program. Jack and the Pros will be playing a variety of blues-rock at the Fox Theater on Saturday, March 5th. 

Taking after his father, guitar quickly became one of Jack’s favorite pastimes as he grew up. Now, as an exceptional guitarist, he’s expanded his skills to singing, songwriting, and performing. 

As many of us know, the pandemic changed live music, but Jack still enjoys performing and reaching out to his fans. We’ll discuss Jack’s journey as a guitarist, his experience at NebraskaLand University, and he’ll even be playing a bit on the show! 

Join us today as we further discuss: 

  • Jack’s journey as a guitarist, who taught him, and his inspirations 
  • Where he hopes his music career will take him 
  • His experiences playing in North Platte and beyond 
  • His experience as a member of the NebraskaLand University Program 

About his upcoming show:

Listen to this episode. North Platte Guitarist, Jack Bunger


  • 0:37 – Who won the Superbowl bet? 
  • 2:17 – Welcome to the show, Jack! 
  • 2:47 – Song suggestions for Danielle? 
  • 3:21 – His upcoming concert on March 5th 
  • 4:09 – Music they’ll be playing 
  • 4:35 – How did he learn the guitar?
  • 5:46 – Developing his vocals 
  • 6:50 – Will he be singing? 
  • 7:01 – Growing up with classic rock 
  • 7:57 – Jack’s aspirations with music 
  • 8:44 – Does he have original music? 
  • 11:06 – Live music venues in North Platte 
  • 12:24 – Going to college next year  
  • 12:56 – Playing outside of North Platte 
  • 14:03 – A preview of Jack’s skills! 
  • 16:24 – Electric guitar or acoustic guitar?
  • 16:45 – Who is his favorite artist? 
  • 17:50 – Generational music and classic rock 
  • 19:08 – His top historical guitarists 
  • 20:01 – Does he enjoy the Nebraskaland University Program?
  • 20:37 – What does Jack look for in a bank program like ours?
  • 21:25 – Schools requiring more financial education 
  • 23:39 – More and more young people are interested in finances 
  • 24:40 – Is he still offering music lessons?
  • 26:07 – How many songs can he play?
  • 27:15 – Who taught Jack to play?
  • 28:10 – Playing the National Anthem at events 
  • 28:55 – One more music promo with Jack! 
  • 30:08 – Trivia: “Can you guess the song?” 

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