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Don't Break the Bank this Halloween

NebraskaLand Bank Employees share their money saving tips for Halloween

Don't Break the Bank this Halloween

The decorations, the candy, the party supplies, the costumes…it all adds up and can really spook your budget! We asked our employees to share their tricks and tips on saving money during the scariest holiday of the year!

• Don’t buy candy you like, otherwise, you have to replace it…..several times…..
 – Barb Barr, Human Resources Director

• I buy my kids costumes second hand for a third of the cost of a new costume. I find which store is having specials through flyers for candy and if I buy decorations, I choose the “buy one/get one” half off deals. 
–DoAnn McDonald, Credit Analyst

• We shop at Hobby Lobby or craft stores at the end of the season and stock up on deals for the following year. You can get amazing decorations and crafts for up to 80% off. For costumes if you have older kids and younger ones, we always save our older kids costumes and hand them down to the younger kids, some years we use pieces from old costumes to create something new! Kids love it!
–Amy Ferebee, Credit Analyst

• We trade costumes with our friends who have kids around the same age! This helps all of us save money on those pricey children’s costumes. It’s also fun to hand out something other than candy.  Kids love stickers or stick on tattoos and they are super inexpensive for a large quantity.   As for the decorations, we try to buy ‘seasonal’ décor rather than holiday specific.  We love stretching the decorations like white pumpkins, burlap, and gold for the whole fall season (September thru November) vs just the month of October for Halloween!
 – Molly Harm, Marketing Officer

• I don’t buy the chocolate candy/bars.  You get fewer pieces for your money. (I save for the chocolate for me personally).  Also, don’t let the trick-or-treaters take the candy themselves.  You will always have kids that try to take a whole handful.  –Sandy Ross, Deposit Operations Manager

• For decorations, I am all about the dollar store.  I use the cheesy pumpkin placemat deals and leaves as stencils and the kids and I paint homemade signs on scrap wood.  When the season is over we sell them for extra fun money!
 – Jamie Essman, IT Supervisor

• One of my most favorite (and cheapest) costumes was when my daughter was a donkey.  I bought a gray sweatsuit (which she could wear later) and ½ yard of gray sweatshirt material.  I sewed and tube and stuffed it for a tail and attached it to the pants.  I made a beanie with long droopy ears.  Poof….she’s a donkey….she loved it!
 – Jean Hester, Receptionist

• Saving money on costumes- make grandma buy them
Saving money on candy-move to the country, nobody comes to your house. Or if you live in town, don’t turn on your porch light.
Saving money on parties-don’t have one.
Ok the truth….. I usually shop at the dollar store for candy bags for school treats, and then make something to put in them or get goodies from the dollar store. We grow our own pumpkins for carving. I will buy decorations at the end of the season on clearance and use the next year.  I have A LOT of decorations, Halloween is my absolute favorite!!!! I have a big party every year and use what the kids make at school for decorations and make some more at home.  Costumes are usually homemade.  There are a ton of ideas on pinterest! –Erin Brown, Teller Manager

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