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Back to School

Back to School

When the first of August arrives, my family suddenly finds ourselves in a rush to enjoy a few last minute indulgences of summer.  The lazy days get lazier and we take in as much sunshine as possible.  We ignore the school supply ads and the store aisles, while we remain in denial that summer is coming to an end.  Although I enjoy the extra time as a family,  I look forward to the structure and schedule the school day brings, and of and volleyball.  Each year,  I am reminded how difficult change can be and how different each of us react.  My boys welcome the football season, but they drag their feet when it comes to getting in the groove of school.  I wish I had the answers on how to make it an easier transition, but I know that one thing in life is certain, things will change. I hope with each passing year, my boys learn how to adapt to change, and become better prepared for the world that lies ahead.  In the meantime, I will treasure every precious memory and the blessings God has bestowed upon my family.

Kim Schroll
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Guest Blogger

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