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A True Military Hero

Wounded Warrior, SSG Alex Jauregui visits North Platte

A True Military Hero

On Tuesday evening, we had the opportunity to assist in hosting SSG Alex Jauregui, his wife and his three children at Bailey’s for a dinner among friends.  Alex is a Wounded Warrior and true military hero.  He served many tours in the Middle East throughout his long military career.   His camp in Afghanistan was blown up by a suicide bomber.  Afterwards, among the dirt and dust his team dug out the Stars and Stripes.  This picture is a beautiful reminder of the sacrifice that our soldiers and their families make, every day.   It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to meet Alex and his family and introduce them to my oldest son as we recognized them with an excellent dinner.   I even got to take his youngest son on a tour of our Bank and he loved the Water Walls on the first floor.   The military conflicts in the middle east have gone on for so long, that it is very easy to take for granted the many people who have sacrificed for the benefit of our security, our families and our businesses.    Please enjoy this amazing picture and remember to honor those who have served our country. 

Ty Lucas
Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer 

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