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The North Platte Plainsmen

With Bryan Few

The North Platte Plainsmen

Have you heard the exciting news?

This summer the North Platte Plainsmen will make their debut. On today's episode, Bryan Frew the owner of the Hastings Sodbusters joins us to discuss North Platte’s new baseball team and their future in the community. This team of collegiate division one players will play their first game on May 24th, 2022 at Historic Bill Wood Field. 

By playing 60 games in two months, these college players will get the chance to hone their skills and love for the game while community bonds are being made. The team will bring entertainment, tourism, and summer jobs with them. Generous host families will be housing the players and making sure they feel at home in North Platte.  

Working alongside the Legion league, Bryan hopes to promote love for community and baseball with the Plainsmen. The games will involve a lot more than just baseball: community events, family-friendly games, and more. Baseball is a great team sport and we are hopeful it will bring the North Platte community together! 

If you are interested in learning more about the team or how you can be a host family make sure to visit them at

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What we discuss in today’s show: 

0:57 – Introducing Bryan Frew 

1:17 – Having a baseball team in North Platte 

1:55 – How many games will there be?

2:09 – How are players recruited? 

2:43 – Is there a lot of competition out there? 

3:21 – What is an upper range for a fastball with this level?

4:04 – How does wood bat usage change the game?

5:08 – What does it mean to be a host family?

6:18 – What is the atmosphere like? How does it overlap with the legion program? 

6:51 – How does the ownership structure work? Why North Platte? 

8:43 – What activities will there be during a game?

9:59 – What is the season schedule? 

10:37 – How does game scheduling work? 

11:15 – What are the community benefits? 

12:54 – What are the things they need from the community?

13:53 – What will ticket prices be like?

14:33 – How can people follow the team and progress?

15:22 – Trivia: 5 notable events from 2020 and 2021 

17:20 – Donation to American Legion Baseball! 

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