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Four Tips to Jump Start your New Year Resolutions...and Keep them!

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Four Tips to Jump Start your New Year Resolutions...and Keep them!

Do you ever think you need to make a New Year’s resolution to keep your resolutions?  It can be a big challenge to drive that New Year’s motivation past the first few weeks.  We’ve been brainstorming ways that NebraskaLand Bank can help you achieve your goals easier and faster.  Mark them off your list and let us take care of the rest!

Increase physical fitness.

Let’s face it.  Fitness requires hard work, determination, and sweat.  It can also be expensive.  Workout equipment and gym memberships aren’t cheap but they’re a quality investment in you.  Our accounts offer features that will help lessen the financial strain.  By automating your ‘fitness’ savings plan, it becomes a monthly fixture in your budget and you can start working out with intention! 

Tip: Set up a NLB savings account intended for personal or family physical fitness.  Only use funds from this account for fitness related expenses.  Set it up so a designated amount is automatically transferred into your ‘fitness’ savings.  Then have fun saving and spending your cash on new running shoes, a new workout class or the latest and greatest fitness gadgets.

Get financially fit.

Experts always say, to achieve financial fitness, you must know where your money is going.  Start by tracking every penny that you spend by recording and sorting into categories.  This exercise will help you create a healthy budget and identify areas that you may be saving too little or spending too much.  Keeping a close eye on your account is also the best practice to catch fraud early and protect your identity!

Tip: Start simple and enroll in NLB’s account Alert service.  Alerts are a fast and convenient way to keep you up-to-date on your account activity.  Your NLB accounts will alert you when activity occurs in your account. You can set them up to notify you of low balances, deposits, loan payments, transactions and more! Best of all, it’s a free service and it’s easy to enroll.  Simply login to your online banking account and click the Alert link.  Then set each alert according to your preferences! Ready, set, TRACK!

Organize clutter.

We all have one….the junk drawer.  Some of us have a few places that catch all the papers, cards, screwdrivers, birthday candles, and you name it. The New Year is a great time to find a home for all the ‘lost and found’ items that can be the culprit of so much anxiety and stress.  You can easily reduce clutter and paper waste, while simplifying your record keeping, with online bank statements.  This method eliminates the paper statement that often ends up sitting in your mailbox, junk drawer, or trash bin. 

Tip: Enroll in eStatements at NLB.  With eStatements you will receive an e-mail or text notification when your bank statement becomes available.  You can then download and save or print your statements and images to view whenever it’s convenient for you.  It’s the safer and faster way to receive your bank statement. 

Enjoy life more.

If you’re like many people, financial worries and woes consume a lot of your time.  Am I saving enough for retirement? Will I be able to afford college tuition for my children? Will I ever have enough to make a down payment on a house?  The questions may vary depending on your life stage, but they all weigh heavy and can keep you awake at night.  The best strategy to ease your mind about future financial obligations is planning.  You should plan for future expenses so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying family, friends and hobbies.

Tip:  Ask NLB about what products would be most helpful in assisting you to reach your savings goals.  Products such as Money Market Accounts, IRA Variable Savings Accounts or Certificate of Deposits can be great tools to jumpstart a savings plan.  These interest bearing accounts help put your hard earned money to work for you so you can continue to grow closer to your financial goals and not sacrifice sleep to do it. 

Happy New Year and good luck with all your New Year’s resolutions!