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Government Shutdown Leaves Americans More Vulnerable to Identity Theft, Scams

<a href="">Government Shutdown Leaves Americans More Vulnerable to Identity Theft, Scams</a>
U.S. citizens are more vulnerable to the effects of identity theft and scams as a result of the ongoing government shutdown. The two primary websites created by the government as resources for victims of identity theft, and...

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AT&T, T-Mobile To Stop Selling Location Data

<a href="">AT&T, T-Mobile To Stop Selling Location Data</a>
AT&T and T-Mobile announced that in March 2019 they would stop selling user location data to third parties. The announcements came on the heels of a Motherboard article that reported on the ability to track individual cellular phones via...

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Government Shutdown Hampers Cybersecurity

<a href="">Government Shutdown Hampers Cybersecurity</a>
The ongoing shutdown of the U.S. Government has impacted federal cybersecurity according to several reports. The roughly 800,000 federal workers currently on furloughinclude: 45% of staff from the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity...

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Hackers Release Personal Info of Hundreds of German Politicians

<a href="">Hackers Release Personal Info of Hundreds of German Politicians</a>
Hackers have published the personal data and documents of hundreds of German politicians and celebrities online. The data breach was announced by the German government. It included personally identifiable information of politicians and other...

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Did the GOP operative in North Carolina help election security?

<a href="">Did the GOP operative in North Carolina help election security?</a>
When the North Carolina State Board of Elections and Ethics voted against certifying Republican Mark Harris as the winner over Democrat Dan McCready in the state's 9th Congressional District, it may have done the entire country a favor. The...

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Suspected Hack Disrupts Major Newspapers

<a href="">Suspected Hack Disrupts Major Newspapers</a>
A cyberattack disrupted several major newspapers printed by Tribune Publishing shortly before New Year’s Day. Print versions of the Chicago Tribute, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union Tribune, West Coast editions of the New York Times and Wall...

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Will 2019 Be the Year Cybersecurity Goes Mainstream?

<a href=""> Will 2019 Be the Year Cybersecurity Goes Mainstream?</a>
2019 will be the year consumers start thinking more about cyber hygiene, and the year Congress becomes more proactive in the areas of privacy and cybersecurity. While the year ahead will not bring about a sea change, slowly the tide will turn and...

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