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The Economic Outlook of North Platte and Nebraska

With Anthony Goins

The Economic Outlook of North Platte and Nebraska

You’ve probably noticed a lot of change and growth around the North Platte area, which has been exciting to follow. Many large projects have either started or been announced recently and there’s plenty to be optimistic about economically.

That’s why we wanted to invite Anthony Goins to the podcast today. He’s the Director of Economic Development for the state of Nebraska, and brings a wealth of experience in banking and marketing to this role that he's served for three years. 

In this episode, we want to learn more about his outlook on the state and our community. He provides some great feedback on what North Platte does well and where he sees the opportunities. 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on this episode:

  • Anthony’s background in banking and how it eventually led him into this current role. (2:42)
  • What excites him about the state and our economy right now. (9:05)
  • The strategy behind the marketing campaign, ‘The Good Life is Calling.’ (11:30)
  • What he believes is North Platte’s greatest strength and weakness. (15:48)
  • The importance of internships in the future of our state. (17:51)

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