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Save Money this Halloween

NebraskaLand Bank Employees share their best DIY costumes for Halloween

Halloween costumes do not have to break the bank. With decorations, candy, fall festivals and costumes it can be hard to keep on budget this month.   A great way to save money is to get creative with your costume. To help you get inspired this Halloween we asked our employees to share with you some of their favorite DIY Halloween costumes.

  • One of the favorites when my kids were little –costumes with balloons.  Take a clear trash bag and add balloons and we had a gumball machine!  Pin purple balloons to a sweatshirt and we had a bunch of grapes.  Gotta LOVE balloons!! - Nancy Durr, Receptionist 

Nancy Durr's daughter dressed as a bunch of grapes with balloons

  • When I was pregnant, I made myself a pumpkin t-shirt.  I used a black fabric marker and a plain, oversized, long-sleeve t-shirt.  I just drew a jack-o- lantern face on the shirt and BOOM you have a pumpkin! Also I put my hair in a top bun and wound a green pipe cleaner around it and twirled it so it was straight up and looked like a stem.  - McKenzie Miller, Cash Management Specialist
  • Through the years, I would usually get hand-me-down costumes from older cousins or my grandma would sew something she thought was cute. My favorite Halloween memory with my dad was making a homemade costume in the third grade. We hadn’t gone out of town in a long time and I mentioned I didn’t have a costume to wear to school the night before. As a single parent, he felt a wave of panic and got creative.  We used thick but sheer curtains that we found in a moving box that we never put up, and fastened them with safety pins. He said I was supposed to be a banshee, a creature from Ireland that screamed. I of course thought this was great.  When I went to school in costume, I looked like a shapeless ghostly figure and my costume drug on the ground so you couldn’t even see my feet.  Nobody knew who I was until we had to sit in our assigned seats. Later that night my dad took my brother and I trick-or-treating throughout the town on foot. I remember feeling pretty cool in my disguise. -Chantel Burch, Marketing Coordinator
  • I have dressed up as Pippi Longstockings, I do 2 braids and then take a wire hanger apart and put the wire hanger from one end of the braid over my head to the other end of the braid and then my braids stick straight out. - Erin Brown, Main Teller Manager 

Erin Brown dressed as Pippi Longstockings

  • My oldest son won his costume contest as a bag of groceries. We got a large paper lawn leaf sack, wrote “groceries” on the bag, and had empty boxes and bags coming out of the top. We washed a cardboard milk carton, cut it in half and made a hat out of it. -Kris Pearson, Loan Processor
  • One year I dressed up like a tabletop.  I cut a hole in the top of a box, and then armholes, glued on a tablecloth, dishes, silverware, electronic candles etc. and my head was the centerpiece, so I put flowers on my head. - Amber Hoban, IT Specialist
  • My favorite DIY costume was when my mom made me “the night sky”. She took a black dress and glued silver metallic star confetti all over.  I won the costume contest at school with my DIY costume that year. - Evonne Keck, Public Relations Coordinator

We hope that you have found inspiration for a money saving DIY Halloween costume this year. Please join us at our Halloween events this October.

NebraskaLand Bank Trunk-or-treat


Thursday, October 27, 2022
4615 2nd Ave, Kearney NE

Platte River Cruise Night  Trunk-or-treat


Saturday, October 29, 2022
NebraskaLand Bank Parking Lot
1400 South Dewey, North Platte NE

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