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Previewing North Platte Football

With Coach Kevin Dodson and Coach Kurt Altig

Previewing North Platte Football

With the high school football season right around the corner in North Platte, we know that many people are excited about the upcoming year and ready to get back out to the games. 

That’s why we invited head coaches Kevin Dodson of St. Pat’s and Kurt Altig of North Platte into the studio for this episode. As most fans know, there are some big changes in store for both schools in 2022. St. Pat’s will be making the move down to 8-man football, which was a tough decision but one that the community’s supported. And North Platte will take the field for the first time under Coach Altig as they look to rebound from the tough playoff loss last year.

We’ll talk to them both about what’s in store this year and what upperclassmen have stepped into leadership roles for each team. Plus, we’ll discuss the financial side of the game and what students can get out of the NebraskaLand University program we offer.  

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on this episode: 

  • The move from 11-man to 8-man football for St. Pat’s and what that means moving forward. (3:06)
  • Coach Altig’s journey to becoming head coach of North Platte. (5:30)
  • What are the biggest differences in 8-man football? (8:38)
  •  Should we expect any offensive or defensive changes from Coach Altig? (11:27)
  • Which upperclassmen should we be paying attention to this season? (13:39)
  • Details on our financial literacy scholarship program that high school kids can enroll in. (17:07)
  • How the NIL rules have changed things at the high school level. (18:42)
  • Preview of the opening game for each team. (22:33)
  • Both coaches play our movie trivia game. (24:17)

Thanks again to both coaches for taking time out of their busy fall schedule to join us on the podcast and best of luck this season!

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