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My Fair Share

My Fair Share

Community is the cornerstone of the culture at NebraskaLand Bank. Because communities play an essential role in everyday life, sometimes we don’t realize or fully comprehend just how much our community helps shape our lives. Giving back helps the people, businesses, schools and organizations within the community succeed. Donating financially to your favorite organization or non-profit can go a long way. Becoming involved will give you the opportunity to grow, learn, and connect with people while positively influencing your overall perspective of your community.  

This positive perspective helps to drive our community minded culture among the NLB employees. It motivates them to work towards the success of the people, businesses, schools and organizations within the community. This dedication to donating their time and resources will help to ensure that the lasting impact their community has on their lives and their families’ lives is positive.  Because of this in 2004, NLB employees created a program called “My Fair Share”.

Each year, the employees of NebraskaLand Bank nominate various organizations in our community to be the recipients of monetary donations contributed solely by the Bank employees. The My Fair Share program allows employees to donate a percentage of their pay to the nominated organization. 

“You see our staff all the time out in the community doing volunteer work, but My Fair Share is a program where they are actually donating from their paychecks to these programs. They not only donate their time, they donate their own dollars.” Mike Jacobson, President and CEO of NebraskaLand Bank said, “I am very proud of our employees. This is a great example of how great the people are who work here.”

The recipients of the 2022 My Fair Share Program are Rape & Domestic Abuse Program, North Platte Trails Network, North Platte Area Children’s Museum, PAWS-itive Partners, Todd Becker Foundation, Kearney Area Animal Shelter, S.A.F.E. Center, Red Desert Humane Society and Hospice of Sweetwater County. Pledges that will be awarded to these organizations total over $18,600.

Bank employees have donated just under $200,000.00 since the My Fair Share program’s inception in 2004.

NebraskaLand Bank employees will host the organizations in celebration of the success and accomplishments that these vital agencies provide to our community. Employees will present checks to the nominated organizations during the My Fair Share program. 

NebraskaLand Bank, North Platte will hold their My Fair Share program on Friday, February 17th  at 8:30 a.m. in the Main Bank lobby located at 1400 South Dewey. NebraskaLand Bank Kearney will host their My Fair Share program on Wednesday, February 15th  at the Kearney Branch located at 4615 2nd Avenue.

To learn more about the My Fair Share program please visit our website at

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