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Let’s Talk NebraskaLand

Five Inspiring Podcast Episodes that'll Captivate You!

Let’s Talk NebraskaLand

Tune in to the NebraskaLand Bank Podcast for the newest season featuring five informative and entertaining episodes. Co-hosts, Ty Lucas and Danielle Remus chatted with business leaders and innovators from all corners of our community. Whether you're a longtime resident or new to the area, you'll want to check out these episodes to learn about these outstanding businesses, entertainment hotspots and delicious food finds in North Platte.

Restaurant Relocation the Runza Way with Josh Catlett: We kicked off season 2 with a special guest, Josh Catlett, the owner of the local Runza franchises in North Platte. If you're a fan of Runza’s iconic sandwich, then you won't want to miss this episode. Josh shared with us his family’s history with Runza, as well as an inside look at their community involvement. Josh told us all about his experiences moving restaurant locations and we talked about Danielle’s must have condiment when she eats at runza.

Transforming District 177: Hot Spot for Development: Take a deep dive with us into the exciting developments happening at District 177, formerly known as "the Mall." Rev Development's Michael Works and Rachel Glock joined Ty and Danielle to dish on the careful curation of businesses and the challenges they've faced throughout the construction process. They also talked about the newly opened Heartland Flats apartment complex and, we dived into the "Micro-TIF" projects that are shaking up North Platte. The episode is a true inside look at one of the newest developments in the area.

Axes and Aces Coming Soon to North Platte: In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Axes and Aces owners, Lisa Citta and Brian Schimek, about the exciting journey that led to the creation of this unique business. They shared with us the meticulous planning that went into creating this vibrant atmosphere, and how the community has embraced their vision with open arms. This isn't your run-of-the-mill leisure center, but a one-stop-shop that features everything from golf simulators to pickleball courts, not to mention killer axe throwing and delicious Double Dips ice cream.

Chatting With Clean Can Company’s Founders: We sat down with Jordan Maassen and Jory Torres the dynamic duo behind Clean Can Company. Learn all about their unique and much-needed service, the innovative new company that is the only trash can cleaning company in Lincoln County. From keeping your trashcans squeaky clean to creating a more pristine environment, these two are here to make a difference in our community. Their commitment to cleanliness, community improvement, and the pursuit of a cleaner, healthier future for North Platte is truly inspiring. Hear their story of how they got started, what challenges they've overcome, and how they're marketing their brand.

North Platte’s Newest Pizza Paradise: Pizza, pizza, and more pizza! If you’re like Danielle and can’t get enough, you’re in luck. North Platte’s newest addition, Pizza Ranch, has something for everyone. We had the privilege of sitting down with Jeff and Shae Caldwell, who shared their excitement about bringing this family-friendly restaurant to the community. From their love for the community to their commitment to a fun family experience we covered it all. Learn how this dynamic duo is bringing their passion for great food and community to the forefront.

The NebraskaLand Bank Podcast brings local stories to the forefront. The podcast provides a platform for community and business leaders to share their passions and gives listeners an insider’s look at all the incredible things that make up North Platte. Stay connected with the community, and gain insights with the NebraskaLand Bank Podcast. Don’t miss out on upcoming seasons, make sure to subscribe so that you never miss an episode.  

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