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Free Virtual Cybersecurity Training for Business

Tailored to Businesses Owners, Managers and Employees

Free Virtual Cybersecurity Training for Business

Cybersecurity attacks on owners and employees at small and medium sized businesses are increasing at an alarming rate. These attacks can result in significant business disruption and substantial monetary losses. A staggering 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error. The good news is fraud can be prevented with proper training. That’s why NebraskaLand Bank is providing this free virtual training for you and your employees. A well-trained workforce may be your best defense against fraud and data breaches.

NebraskaLand Bank is proud to bring you this training presented by SBS Cybersecurity. In the training, you will hear from Terry Kuxhaus, SBS Senior Information Security Consultant. Terry is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Certified Bank Security Technology Professional, and Certified Bank Security Manager. He has fourteen years of Information Technology, Information Security and Network Security experience at a financial institution. Terry has eight years of IT Operations experience and four years of IT Audit, Consulting, and ISP development experience.

This training will review the following topics:

  • Creation and use of strong passwords
  • Physical security
  • Incident Reporting
  • Virus detection and prevention
  • Importance of access control
  • And more!

Here at NebraskaLand Bank, we offer several products and services that make it easier to monitor your account for fraudulent activity.

  • Business Online and Business Mobile app
  • Ealerts can be sent to your phone or email and customized by amount or type of activity
  • Estatements are quicker than waiting for the mail, and accessible online for several months
  • Positive Pay compares checks that have cleared your account, to the checks you wrote, allowing you to catch fraudulent checks the same day they are presented.

Visit our Online Security Center as your go-to resource for information and best practices that will help you recognize fraud before it’s too late. 

Remember fraud is serious business that your business should take seriously.

Access the training now at

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