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Dill Pickle Snow Cones

With North Platte Investigator Lisa Citta

Dill Pickle Snow Cones

Investigator Lisa Citta with the North Platte Police Department and Owner of Snowball Express joins us on today’s episode to explain a bit about her job and our community. More and more women are breaking glass ceilings in the police field. Lisa’s work has recently been spotlighted in the news as she was part of our local department's first all-women patrol shift! 

From an early age, Lisa knew she wanted to be a police officer. After college, she was hired at North Platte and worked as the only woman on the team for a while. Education has always been a big part of her career and is a few weeks away from receiving her Master’s Degree in Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership. 

Lisa enjoys law enforcement because every day is different and she gets to actively talk to people in the community. In North Platte, the police department has strong community support making her love for her job that much easier. On the side, she has a passion project with Snowball Express, allowing her to connect with our community in another way as well.  

Join us today as we get into these topics: 

  • What the average day and event days look like for an investigator and officer. 
  • Lisa’s experience running Snowball Express. 
  • How Lisa and NebraskaLand help people with identity theft crimes. 

Listen to this episode.  Dill Pickle Snow Cones with North Platte Investigator Lisa Citta

0:43 – Funny headlines 

2:32 – Welcome Lisa Citta! 

3:43 – Do you listen to true crime podcasts?

4:12 – First all-women patrol shift in our department

4:51 – Do women make up a large part of the department?

5:51 – Do you meet a lot of resistance in the department?

6:42 – Focusing on your job not gender 

7:42 – How did you become an investigator?

8:48 – What do you like about law enforcement?

10:37 – How does patrol work?

11:17 – How often do you get calls in?

11:57 – What is NebraskaLand Days like for you?

13:07 – What other events are really busy?

13:49 - Is there strong community support here?

15:51 – What are the strangest calls you’ve gotten?

19:08 – Are there a lot of hard days in this profession?

19:42 – Lisa’s side job with Snowball Express

20:03 – What is your favorite flavor?

20:42 – What is the weirdest flavor?

21:29 – How did you get into the snow cone business? 

22:09 – Where Snowball Express will be coming up 

22:55 – Do you get a lot of calls on identity theft?

23:31 – Are you able to help people with this?

24:05 – NebraskaLand has resources to help 

27:17 – Any other advice to give to people?

28:29 – Be aware of scam emails and calls 

29:18 – Trivia: Crime questions 

35:15 – Thank you for being on the show! 

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