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Business Development Through the Years in North Platte

With Edy Patterson

Business Development Through the Years in North Platte

Our guest today, Edy Patterson, is a former winner of the Women of Achievement award, the Nebraska State Diplomat of the year in 2015, and is a long-time business developer here in North Platte. Edy started her journey as a business owner when she was just a young mom. Starting her own nursery helped her reach personal and financial goals.  After this venture, she began flipping houses, trained as an interior designer with Sherwin Williams, and eventually bought a failing business and brought it back to life.

In 2000, Edy became part of a TIF project for the redevelopment of a building that eventually would become her printing company. TIF allowed Edy and her husband to capture their future real estate taxes and in turn that tax savings allowed them to set up and fund their new commercial building, elevating the community through jobs, sales tax, and more.  

To Edy, one of the most important parts of being a business owner is taking care of your employees. Leadership is about being responsible, including financially in order to take care of those employees. We’ll explore Edy’s creative and varied journey as an entrepreneur here in North Platte, the advice she has for young business developers, and more on today's show.

Join us today as we discuss further: 

  • Edy’s first business venture as a young mom 
  • The process of flipping houses and investing in real estate 
  • The TIF project and redeveloping a building 
  • Advice she has for young entrepreneurs 

Check out this year’s Woman of Achievement event:

Listen to this episode. Business Development Through the Years in North Platte


  • 0:37 – Where did Danielle work before NebraskaLand? 
  • 3:03 – Welcome Edy to the podcast!
  • 3:36 – Women of Achievement event is coming up 
  • 5:12 – What led her to start a nursery school? 
  • 5:56 – Where was her business first located? 
  • 6:35 – How did she finance her business? 
  • 7:03 – What was her next step in business? 
  • 8:36 – Did she sell her flipped houses? 
  • 9:07 – Did she look for certain houses?
  • 10:00 – Is now an okay time to flip houses? 
  • 11:07 – Helping a failing business 
  • 13:50 – How quickly did she turn the business around?
  • 15:34 – Redevelopment and TIF 
  • 17:07 – About what year was this? 
  • 18:24 – Tax savings with TIF for redevelopment 
  • 19:14 – Did they serve a large community?
  • 20:19 – Advice for young entrepreneurs 
  • 21:32 – Why did she sell her business? 
  • 22:59 – Best leadership advice for business owners
  • 23:53 – What has Edy been doing since selling?
  • 25:20 – Other business ventures she’s interested in
  • 26:57 – Where does she see North Platte going? 
  • 27:21 – Being part of one of the first TIF properties 
  • 28:22 – Trivia: “The most common search on Google?”  

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