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Financial Planning to Help Save Money For Your Child's Education

Our seven-part blog series on the financial challenges of life chronicles major milestones and how to effectively navigate each unique financial situation. Seeing as many parents save and either outright pay or help pay for their child’s college education, let’s take a close look at how you can start to invest in your kid’s future.

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Navigating the Financials Challenges Around Starting a Family

In the fourth installment of our blog series on navigating the most common financial challenges in life, today we cover some important financial considerations for expecting or prospective parents. Let’s get started.

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The Financial Implications of Getting Married

NebraskaLand Bank offers the third installment to our blog series on navigating the financial ups and downs of life in relation to planning a wedding and/or honeymoon and life as a married couple.

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Is it a Good Idea to Buy or Lease a New Car?

Thinking About Upgrading Your Ride? If you are, in fact, leaning toward leasing or outright purchasing a new vehicle, you probably have a number of questions in mind. What model is right for me and my life situation? Do I need more space for a spouse or kids down the road? Should I stick with the same manufacturer? What’s my realistic price range based on my income? How will my credit score factor into this purchase? There’s a lot to think about, and while our Community Bankers are not car salesmen, we can help you navigate the financial aspects of buying or leasing a new vehicle.

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