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"I want to give you my heartfelt thanks to the team that put together such a stellar financial education program. Thank you for offering it to high school students in the community. These young adults are on the tipping point of making big decisions and only with knowledge is there power to avoid costly mistakes.  I know your bank has seen small missteps cascade into major credit issues and financial rehab that could have been avoided. I felt strongly about my son attending NLU and it makes me feel more relaxed as he moves forward on his own. From the looks of his binder and from what he has described, it looks like a very thoughtful and robust program delivered by talented yet very busy people who are passionate enough about the cause to make time to teach and host it." -NLU 2022 parent

"The NLU Program was a perfect opportunity to see real world situations and how to deal with them. From anything dealing with cyber-smarts to college debt, I feel confident that I have a better grasp on the understanding of these situations. As a bonus I have been able to connect with students from the surrounding area and make some great friendships!" - NLU 2022 graduate

"NLU has helped me learn how to start budgeting in a realistic way, how to understand the process of credit card-cycles and the steps to take in order to prevent identity theft. Because of NLU, I have been able to get real life examples of how these things can happen." -NLU 2022 graduate

"If you truly apply yourself to this program, you are applying for more than just scholarship money. You are applying for life lessons, new friendships, a support system and a business partnership. The people here are ready to invest themselves in you and help you succeed." - NLU 2022 graduate

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