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Course Descriptions

  • Intro to NLU & Careers in Banking

    Students will receive welcome packets for the program with instruction on class expectations and graduation requirements. Students will tour the Bank and learn about the various departments and job opportunities available in the banking/finance industry.

  • Budgeting & Savings

    Students will learn how to create a basic and practical budget and learn how to save a portion of their earnings. Key budgeting and savings tips that coincide with technology will be provided in addition to knowledge of future expenses students may encounter in the real world. They will be encouraged to stick to their budgets and asked to track their progress while enrolled in NLU. The book titled, Millionaire Next Door, will be given as required reading homework.

  • Identity Theft & Cyber Security

    Students will learn about trending scams, how to protect their identity, and how to avoid becoming a victim of a fraud.

  • Economy 101 & Building Wealth

    Students will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of economics. They will discuss current economic news and how it affects us and will affect our future. Students will learn the difference between wealth and income. An analysis of the required book to be read, will help students learn the principles of building wealth and how financial responsibility and living below their means will benefit their future.

  • Credit & Loans

    Students will learn the difference between good credit and bad credit. They will also learn why credit is important, how to obtain good credit, and how to manage their credit. Lending and how a loan works, will also be taught in the class - in addition to why students may need a loan for college, why loans can be a good thing, and best loan repayment practices.

  • Strategies to Pay for College

    Students will learn about strategies to pay for their college education without an unhealthy reliance on student loans. They will learn the importance of knowing what it means to borrow, and the reality of the future expense commitments of graduating with student loan debt. The difference between private loans, federal loans, and other types of financial aid will also be discussed.

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