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Business Banking Solutions

Merchant Processing

An efficient way to process all major credit card transactions at a competitive price. You can receive fast availability on your transactions while offering your customers an additional form of payment.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quality Products
  • Technical support available 24/7
  • Free cost comparison

Telebanc Services

TeleBanc Service available to obtain account information via phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Lock Box Services

If you receive checks daily for your accounts receivable and are looking for a way to save you and your employees' valuable time, this is the answer. A designated post office box is set up for your accounts receivable. NebraskaLand National Bank will have a key to the box and on a daily basis will retrieve the mail. Checks will be stamped for endorsement and the deposit will be made to your account that same day. A list with the customers who made payments will be sent to you via fax, mail, or secure website. Click here to watch a brief video to learn more!

Thumbprint Signature Program

This program is a deterrent to check fraud. The program gives you a better chance of preventing check fraud and losses which you may incur as a business that accepts checks from individuals.

Cash Needs

Change Orders - Receive change orders at any of our convenient locations.

Night Drop/Safe Keeping - Lock and key bags provided for business customers who wish to take advantage of our night drop vault for the safekeeping of larger amounts of cash. Business night drop locations include:

  • 1400 South Dewey St., North Platte (Main Bank)
  • 121 North Dewey St., North Platte (Downtown Branch)
  • 1801 West A St., North Platte (Westfield Branch)
  • 1020 North Jeffers St., North Platte (North Branch)
  • 4615 2nd Avenue, Kearney