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Employment Scams Increasingly Targeting Job Seekers

<a href="">Employment Scams Increasingly Targeting Job Seekers</a>
Employment fraud is currently the most prevalent scam targeting consumers, according to Better Business Bureau report. The scams primarily target job-seekers with promises of great job opportunities and high pay. One victim in Montana was...

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IoT Cybersecurity Bill Proposed to Congress

<a href=""> IoT Cybersecurity Bill Proposed to Congress</a>
Congress proposed a bill to improve the security of internet-enabled devices called the Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2019.  The bipartisan legislation is aimed at establishing standards for any internet-connected...

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Citrix Hack Exposes Customer Data

<a href="">Citrix Hack Exposes Customer Data</a>
Citrix, a major network software company, had its internal network compromised by what appears to be an international hacking campaign. The company was alerted to the cyberattack by the FBI earlier this month. “While not confirmed, the FBI has...

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Can a Stalker Story Help Cybersecurity at Your Company?

<a href="">Can a Stalker Story Help Cybersecurity at Your Company?</a>
Florida police officer Leonel Marines resigned after a police investigation resulted in allegations that the 12-year veteran of the Bradenton Police Department had been using police data bases like a dating app to locate potential women for fun...

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NSA Halts Controversial Domestic Surveillance Program

<a href="">NSA Halts Controversial Domestic Surveillance Program</a>
The National Security Agency has stopped a controversial domestic surveillance program, according to a senior congressional aide. The program monitored the metadata of domestic calls in bulk (including dates, locations, times, and parties...

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Will Amazon Customers Pay to Increase their Attackable Surface?

<a href="">Will Amazon Customers Pay to Increase their Attackable Surface?</a>
The sitcom "Happy Days" was pretty much doomed when the Fonz, wearing swim trunks and a leather jacket, stepped into that waterski and jumped a shark. That episode now epitomizes the over-reach that sends television shows on a downhill...

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Vermont Law Shines Light on Data Brokers

<a href="">Vermont Law Shines Light on Data Brokers</a>
A newly enacted Vermont law offers a glimpse at companies engaged in the compiling and selling of individual user data. Under H.764 (Act 171), third-party data brokers (companies with no prior relation or interaction with consumers) are required...

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It’s Your Tax Refund—Don’t Let Criminals Steal It

Are you anticipating a nice tax refund this year? Maybe you have plans for a new TV or a special vacation. But imagine someone beats you to your refund by filing a fraudulent tax return, putting your plans on hold. Instead, you’ll have an...

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TikTok Fined Record Amount for Collecting Children’s Data

<a href=""> TikTok Fined Record Amount for Collecting Children’s Data</a>
The Federal Trade Commission fined the popular social media and video sharing service TikTok a record $5.7 million for illegally collecting the personal data of children under 13. TikTok, known until recently as, allowed users to...

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