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NebraskaLand National Bank’s Culture and Positivity in the Workplace

NebraskaLand National Bank’s Culture and Positivity in the Workplace

Here at NebraskaLand National Bank, we know just how important it is to take time to invest in the growth of our team members. After all, our team is the force that drives our day to day business here at the Bank.   Last month, NebraskaLand National Bank provided all of its team members the opportunity to attend a presentation by Mike Henke of Mike Henke, Inc. Business Training and Consulting.  The theme of the presentation was how NebraskaLand National Bank’s culture can lead us to a path of positivity in the workplace.

Mike’s message brought to light the benefits of living a life with a positive attitude. He talked not only about the importance of positivity in our personal lives but also how important it is to be positive at work. He highlighted that NebraskaLand National Bank’s Culture Statements are more than just words; they are also a great way to guide us on being the best leaders, co-workers, friends, parents, and community members we can be. Being a leader that supports your team, as well as being an employee whose attitude is helpful and positive towards customers and coworkers is crucial to a successful business.  Successful leaders empower employees to use their expertise to provide outstanding customer service and also win by being positive and bringing that positivity out into the community.  Mike shared simple but powerful ways that we can achieve all of those things.

We asked some of our team members to share what their key takeaways were from Mike’s Presentations so we could share the ‘cliff notes’ with our readers:

“Mike talked about many things but one thing that stuck with me was shortening your list of things that bring you down. He said the longer your list, the less happy and positive you are. Look at the big picture. Will it matter in the end? Is it worth losing your happiness over? Unless you are faced with a death or sickness in the family, the answer is usually no. Focus on the positive and nothing else will matter. I carried his words since the presentation and hope to keep them with me daily. He was so inspiring with a very simple message. YOU control how you react to things. So don't react to the negative in a negative way and it will have zero effect on you!” - Brandi Austin, Loan Service Specialist, North Platte

“My biggest take away, why sweat the little things?? I enjoyed Mike Henke’s presentation. It was very uplifting and TRUE! Like my daughter always tells me “Let it go!” that’s from a Reba episode!  But the fact is it’s true. It is something that I work on conquering every day.” - Lona McAllister Teller/ Personal Banker, North Platte

“Mike talked about Voice and Tone with children and others. I have a small toddler at home and I sometimes can get very worked up and get louder than I want to. Mike said that a soft, exciting tone is more accepting than an angry, loud tone.  That is 100% true, have you ever yelled at a kid and it worked?  2nd, Mike talked about pulling all the positive vibes, thoughts, and decisions out of every day.  You can’t wake up thinking “it’s going to be a terrible day” every day and expect things to be good with a terrible attitude.  To have a good day, you must think positive, shorten the list of things that bother you, and turn negative thoughts and feelings into good.” -Kelsey Dailey, Loan Service Specialist, North Platte

“What I learned from Mike Henke’s presentation is that positivity is key in any type of situation especially in the work place! There are many little things that you can do day to day to spread positivity to the people around you, for example, saying Good morning or hello to every person you see,  in every situation that you face internally or externally  evaluating your reaction to what is happening or what is being said to you and how you react. All in all, what I have learned is that a big contribution to a positive work place is the great co-workers we have, the customer relationships that we have or develop, and for me personally is being community minded.” -Ricki Reason, Teller North Platte

“Mike Henke was an Inspiring speaker. He made me see past the little things that I cannot change and see the big picture.   His speech helped me to think of things from a more positive perspective. I like that he used the Culture Statement to provide relatable situations to conform to our work environment. He shared some really great stories and kept it very entertaining. He was very interactive with the group, making me step outside my comfort zone with public speaking. I like that he challenged me in a positive way. The information was useful inside the work place and home.”  – Lisa Russell, Senior Teller- North Platte

“Mike had a great presentation for the group. Some of the things that stood out to me were the power of a positive attitude and treating your coworkers with the respect you would like to be treated with.  So important in the workplace since we spend so much time together!” – Carol Pelster, Vice President, Branch Manager, Kearney

“Hearing Mike’s presentation was energizing and refreshing. It was a great reminder personally to focus on the BIG picture and not to get hung up on the “small stuff.” We are all in control of our destination and knowing we have to choose the right mindset to make a positive impact is important. When working with others I appreciated his comment, “fulfillment creates happiness in people.” Last, I was reminded to continue to embrace change as he shared change equals growth. He shared top performers are good with change; it does not mean change is not easy, but you have to focus on the big picture and embrace change to keep moving forward.” –Amy Wolfskill, Senior Vice President, Banking & Retail Banking Manager, North Platte

It’s safe to say that Mike’s presentation made a lasting impact on the Team Members here at NebraskaLand National Bank.  More about Mike, and his business Mike Henke Inc Business training and Consulting can be found on his website

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