script Mortgage Loans Nebraska: Why Working With A Local Lender Matters
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Why Going Local Matters

If someone told you that buying a home was an easy, simple, fast and stress-free process, you might look at them like they’re crazy. Naturally, if you’ve had any level of experience attempting to navigate the housing market, finding a home that meets you and your family’s needs, and finding the necessary financing to secure the home of your dreams, you know that doing just one of these things is much easier said than done. Truly, purchasing a home is no simple matter.

Local Mortgage Lending Made Easy At NebraskaLand Bank

However, if you’ve grown tired of battling with the big banks trying to get a decent mortgage loan for the house that you and your family have fallen in love with, our community bank has some refreshing news for you: mortgage lending doesn’t have to be an awful, drawn-out experience. In fact, getting pre-approval, buyer qualification, and a closing commitment can actually occur much faster than you might think. The secret? It’s right in front of you — working with a local mortgage lender is the key to a smooth, expedited mortgage loan process that you can trust and rely on.

Call us biased, but NebraskaLand Bank is confident that our mortgage and consumer loans services are the perfect lending solution here in Nebraska communities of North Platte and Kearney. Why? Our Nebraska mortgage lenders offer a number of advantages:

  • A variety of loan programs
  • Local-oriented decision making
  • Step-by-step help from beginning to end
  • Flexible terms
  • Competitive rates
  • Online loan access with our free mobile app
  • Rapid pre-approval to help you house shop with confidence

With over 30 years of experience, our expert lenders are ready to help you get settled into the home of your dreams. Why let unnecessarily complicated financial matters bog you down? From loan origination to processing and closing, NebraskaLand Bank will work with you right out of our North Platte and Kearney offices — no more long wait times or outsourcing involved!

Local Mortgage Financing In Nebraska Starts With Us!

It pays to have a local mortgage lender that not only cares about you and your family, but also knows the area in which you’re buying a home. Want to learn more? Read below as our local mortgage lender professionals provide some valuable insight on why going with a bank like us can give you a distinct edge over the housing market. As always, feel free to contact NebraskaLand Bank if you have any questions.

In A Competitive Bidding War? Stand Your Ground With Additional Financing

Tight housing markets often lead to multiple buyers interested in the same property. Oftentimes, this comes down to multiple offers — even cash offers — driving up the price of a home. In order to make a timely offer and beat out the competition in order to secure the desired home, buyers like you may need additional financing from a locally-based community bank like us in order to strengthen your offer.

A local mortgage lender can help you achieve a more competitive offer, and often much faster than working with a large, national lender.

Buyer And Agent: A Close-Knit, Trust-Based Relationship

Simply put, real estate agents prefer to work with (and, ultimately, close deals with) buyers whose lenders know the local market and have a proven track record of executing successful deals. How can a national lender have intricate knowledge of a particular local market? The answer is that they simply can’t. A local mortgage lender, such as who you’d work with via NebraskaLand Bank, can easily reassure a listing agent — and the seller — that the sale at hand will close with no issues.

After you’ve fallen in love with a certain home, it’s natural to develop that “I need to live my life here” mentality. Our local mortgage lenders can help make your desire a reality.

Working With Someone You Know And Trust

Sure, online lenders are extremely convenient, and it’s generally worth your while for borrowers to compare and contrast deals to get a good idea of what their best rates and terms are going to be. Working with a mortgage lending expert in person, however, will give you the opportunity to communicate anything and person. This allows no potential for miscommunication.

While text-based communication and emails may result in some sort of misunderstanding, or maybe you find it difficult to get all of your questions out to your lender on the phone, it’s just simple and effective to get everything out on the table in person. Plus, the chance to develop a relationship and a sense of rapport and trust with the lender that you’ll be working with is also a huge advantage. After all, this person is helping you secure the financial means to make what will most likely be the single most important (and expensive) purchase of your life. You might as well get to know them and trust them, right? We think so — but we are a locally-minded, community-oriented bank, after all. To us, the people come first.

The Importance Of An Expedient Timeframe

Speed matters. In a tight, competitive housing market, sellers are going to choose the buyer who can close the fastest (in most situations). Indeed, it’s not always about who’s able to lend you the mortgage that you need, but who’s able to lend to it you the fastest. Even if you are able to get approved by a national lender, the time frame might be weeks longer than your competition. Not only that, but don’t you want to move into your dream home as soon as possible? Rapid lending just makes sense.

Working With NebraskaLand Bank To Secure Your Future Home

What could be more important than buying a home? The process is no easy feat, but working alongside our local mortgage lenders in North Platte and Kearney will help you get the edge you need over the market competition. When it comes to securing that perfect home that’s already secured its place in your heart, trusting in our personal mortgage lending services is worth its weight in gold.

Contact NebraskaLand Bank Today

So, again, we might be a little biased, but we’re convinced that working with our local mortgage lenders is the way to go. Are you? Get in touch with our community bank today with any questions to learn more about how we can serve you.

Local People. Local Decisions. Local Ownership.