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Don't Fall Victim to Virus Scams

Computer security is more important than ever before. The more time you spend on your computer, the more likely you are to encounter some sort of malicious computer virus or scam. Some of these scams ask for your information under the guise of a legitimate company or tell you that your computer is infected and that you need to click on a link to fix it. Best practice: Do NOT click on any unfamiliar links.

At NebraskaLand Bank, our community banking services are dedicated to the well-being of our customers, financially and otherwise. Because using a computer and the internet is such an integral part of today’s world, we wanted to educate you about the dangers of online virus scams, how to avoid them and safely navigate the web, as well as what to do if you happen to fall victim to one of these scams or viruses. Let’s take a closer look.


Identity Theft: Common Internet Scams

Browse the web cautiously, and do not be quick to give out any personal information, especially if it’s related to any of your bank account information. One form of “internet fraud” is email or phishing scams, which involves receiving an email that appears to be from a legitimate company or institution. They will ask for you to “update” or “verify” your personal information, in an attempt to get your bank account information, credit card number(s), etc.

Many of these “phishers” and scammers will try and target the elderly or those who aren’t as familiar with internet security measures, sometimes sending emails posing as the IRS about a tax refund. It’s really important to watch out for these, and try not to click on anything without verifying its legitimacy. If your computer doesn’t have a firewall or another sort of internet safeguard program installed, you might want to give that extra protection some thought. Either way, skepticism is a good way to stay safe online.


You Accidentally Clicked. Now What?

With NebraskaLand Bank’s identity theft protection services, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Your identity is a very important asset, and that’s why we’re partnered with CyberScout to help safeguard your identity online so that your sensitive financial information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

As a customer of NebraskaLand Bank, we offer several services to help you through identity theft issues, including:

  • Fighting tax fraud to clear your name and secure your refund

  • Resolving unauthorized account activity or account takeover

  • Responding quickly and effectively to data breach alerts


We Take Identity Protection Seriously, And So Should You

If you even remotely think it’s possible that you gave your information to the wrong source, simply call the NebraskaLand Bank branch nearest you and we’ll put you in touch with a fraud specialist at CyberScout’s Resource Center. There are no additional costs for these services, as they are complementary for our valued customers! To learn more about data security, privacy, and online identity protection, visit here or learn more about our approach at NebraskaLand  Bank. For any of our other community banking services, get in touch with us today!

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