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Was Your Mortgage Deal One of Nearly 900 Million Recently Exposed?

<a href="">Was Your Mortgage Deal One of Nearly 900 Million Recently Exposed?</a>
First American Financial Corp. left hundreds of millions of sensitive financial documents unprotected on its website dating back as far as 2003. The security hole, discovered by Washington real estate developer Ben Shoval and reported by security...

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Google Glitch Left Passwords Unprotected for 14 Years

<a href=""> Google Glitch Left Passwords Unprotected for 14 Years</a>
Google announced a glitch that stored unencrypted passwords belonging to several business customers, a situation that had been exploitable since 2005. In a blog post released this week, the company admitted the passwords of “some” of its G Suite...

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Data Leak Exposes Instagram Influencers

<a href="">Data Leak Exposes Instagram Influencers</a>
A leaked database has compromised the personal information of more than 49 million Instagram users, including celebrities and “influencers.” The information was found on an unsecured database hosted on an Amazon cloud server and includes...

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WhatsApp Compromised by Spyware

<a href="">WhatsApp Compromised by Spyware</a>
WhatsApp disclosed a major security vulnerability that allowed hackers to remotely install spyware on mobile devices. The vulnerability, discovered earlier this month, allowed third parties to see and intercept encrypted communications. The...

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Email Is the Biggest Threat to Business, So Why Is Everyone Using It?

<a href="">Email Is the Biggest Threat to Business, So Why Is Everyone Using It?</a>
Microsoft's service suffered a major breach earlier this year. The compromise allowed hackers to potentially access user email accounts, and that was the case for more than six months. This news was no shocker. Outlook has always...

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Access and Source Code to Samsung Apps Left Unprotected on Public Server

<a href="">Access and Source Code to Samsung Apps Left Unprotected on Public Server</a>
The source code and security keys associated with a number of Samsung apps and projects have been discovered on unprotected server. Samsung’s SmartThings home automation platform was among the projects exposed in the compromise. The exposed...

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U.S. Energy Grid Experiences Possible Cyberattack

<a href="">U.S. Energy Grid Experiences Possible Cyberattack</a>
An apparent denial of service attack caused a disruption in a segment of the U.S. energy grid affecting Utah, Wyoming, and Southern California. Little is currently known about the incident. It occurred March 5th, disabling several security...

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Putin Signs Nationwide Internet Censorship Into Law

<a href="">Putin Signs Nationwide Internet Censorship Into Law</a>
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill to create a separate Russian national internet. The legislation is primarily focused on establishing an autonomous national system, separate from the internet used globally, which would have its...

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