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BizConnect online banking is about to get even better!

Here's great news! We are launching a new business online banking experience that will make managing your business finances easier than ever.

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BizConnect will now be known as Business Online Banking. A fresh, new look and seamless functionality will make Business Online Banking simple to use with convenient access to your most commonly used services.

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Navigating the Financial Challenges of Planning for Retirement

As the final installment of our seven-part blog chronicle on navigating and planning for the financial ins and outs of major life milestones, we end this journey on planning for retirement. From embarking on your first career job to getting married, starting a family, sending your kids to college, and enjoying an extended vacation as parents, you’ve accomplished a lot at this point whether or not you’ve perfectly followed this life track. Truly, looking back on your life is something worth celebrating and remembering.  In this blog post, NebraskaLand National Bank offers financial advice on retirement planning.

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Don't Break the Bank this Halloween

Don't Break the Bank this Halloween

The decorations, the candy, the party supplies, the costumes…it all adds up and can really spook your budget! We asked our employees to share their tricks and tips on saving money during the scariest holiday of the year!

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Planning and Budgeting For an Extended Vacation

Though planning an extended trip certainly takes a lot of time and effort (sound familiar?), you’ll also want to consider the budgetary and financial aspects of doing so. In the sixth installment of our blog series chronicling the financial ins and outs of life, we identify and address the financial challenges associated with planning an extended vacation as empty nesters.

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